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Frappe is a kind of coffee that is made when you stir instant coffee(in granules) together with a small amount of water in a Haan Jacket Cole Cole Cole Jacket Leather Leather Jacket Haan Cole Haan Leather Leather Haan apfqCzz.Add cold water, ice cubes sugar and milk for a proper "greek island" experience.Because stirring produces foam, make sure you use a tall glass and a straw.Enjoy
Stavros was sipping his frappe at the beach cafe while he was checking out the foreign beauties in their bikinis.
by zouraris August 26, 2005
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Commonly called a milkshake outside of eastern Massachusetts, it consists of milk, syrup and ice cream beaten together in a mixing machine. A milkshake in the same geographic area is milk and syrup without ice cream beaten or blended together to create a light, frothy drink.
Let's get a chocolate frappe at the DQ in Medford.
by joe cam January 26, 2006
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Better known as a "shake" or "semi-liquified frozen confection dessert" to the world immediately outside Greater New England.
She sucked on the cold refreshing frappe thoughtfully.
by Supraturtle September 10, 2003
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noun: frappé; plural noun: frappés
1. A concoction of both male and female seamen directly fresh from the vagina.

(To perform this, Generally in a missionary position, when a man fills up a females' vagina with his semen. Then proceeds to perform oral sex on her. Mouth full of both excretions, the man pours it all into the females mouth.)
1. (of a drink) iced or chilled.
"a crème de menthe frappé
They shared the juiciest frappe of their lives.
by Mr. Silver May 28, 2018
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A girl who is very annoying and gegs I’m with people who don’t want to hang around with her.
by The Slangy Man June 15, 2018
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Product Details

Vest by New Era




American label New Era have long enjoyed a relationship with the world of baseball, manufacturing baseball hats for teams since the 1930s. As popular off field as they are on, New Era caps are standard issue amongst those with a passion for street culture, blending progressive styles with carefully crafted design. Known for their innovative use of colour, bold designs are added season upon season, referencing everything from street art to iconic cartoon characters.


Model's height: 184cm/6'0.5"Model is wearing: Size Medium


Avoid post-wash regretsAlways check the label


Textured woven fabricThe kind that doesn't stretchMain: 100% Polyester.