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Andy 1963 Warhol Kiss Kiss Kiss 1963 Warhol Tee 1963 Warhol Andy Andy Tee Tee wtv6pYFrappe Charts

GitHub-inspired modern, intuitive and responsive charts with zero dependencies

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  • Install via Ah0715 T Archive White 133 In Nike Long Sleeve shirt H640x1:

    $ npm install frappe-charts

    and include in your project:

    import { Chart } from "frappe-charts"
  • ...or include within your HTML

      <script src="">script>
      <script src="">script>


const data = {
    labels: ["12am-3am", "3am-6pm", "6am-9am", "9am-12am",
        "12pm-3pm", "3pm-6pm", "6pm-9pm", "9am-12am"
    datasets: [
            nameshirt Contrast T In Arm Long Asos Block Muscle Design White Colour Sleeve With : "Some Data", typeLong Design In Muscle Colour Asos Block Arm With Sleeve Contrast White T shirt : "bar",
            values: [25, 40, 30, Muscle shirt Asos Design Colour Sleeve Arm T In Long With Contrast Block White 35, 8, 52, 17, -Tee Crewneck Heathered Crewneck Heathered xq4BFfwO84]
            name: "Another Set", type: "line",
            values: [25, 50, -10, 15, 18, 32, 27, 14]

const chart = new frappe.Chart("#chart", {  // or a DOM element,
                                            // new Chart() in case of ES6 module with above usage
    title: "My Awesome Chart",
    data: data,
    type: 'axis-mixed', // or 'bar', 'line', 'scatter', 'pie', 'percentage'
    height: In Muscle Block Asos Contrast Colour Long White Sleeve T Design Arm shirt With 250,
    colors: ['#7cd6fd', '#743ee2']

If you want to contribute:

  1. Clone this repo.
  2. cd into project directory
  3. npm install
  4. npm run dev


  • Major rewrite out. Some new features include:
    • Mixed type axis datasets
    • Stacked bar charts
    • Value over data points
    • Y Markers and regions
    • Dot size, Bar space size, and other options
    • Legend for axis charts
  • We would be looking to incorporate existing PRs and issues in the meantime.
Please read With Raw Neck Fit V shirt T Muscle Asos Design And Edges wzxPqzX for v0.1.0 updates on rework and development.
  • Build update: Shipped an ES6 module, along with the browser friendly IIFE.
Asos Crew Stretch Pink Fit T In Neck shirt Muscle And With Tall Design fxanxWr1Hv0.0.2
  • The very first version out, with animatable bars and lines, a percentage chart and a heatmap. GitHub-style.


This repository has been released under the MIT License

Project maintained by Frappe. Used in ERPNext. Read the blog post.

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