EricT Camel In Allsaints Suede Jacket Biker 8:24 AM on 8/30/2018
Camel In Suede Jacket Biker Allsaints recipe rating:

Huh! I’m from Mass, so I’m used to Frappe being the word we use for milkshakes to confuse people from out of state. I’m going to have to try this!

Creamy Cheese 4:36 PM on 8/30/2018

I used to order these from a cafe near my office when I needed a late afternoon jolt (they made em strong!). Flavorwise they are okay assuming you enjoy the taste of instant espresso/coffee. That shop didn’t use sweetened condensed milk but that’s certainly something to consider that would potentially cut through the bitter powdered coffee flavor a bit. Think I’ll give it a try!

EricJM 4:55 PM on 8/30/2018

@CreamyCheese – The recipe says Evaporated Milk, not Condensed, but give t a try. Be careful, it can stick to the shaker.

I live in the infamous Greek town of Astoria, NY and for some reason it is only done with Nescafe, even though they have some amazing Greek coffees.. Very popular.

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lohtar 10:42 PM on 8/30/2018

What I wonder though… I frequently make a shakerato, which is an Italian take done with fresh espresso and simple syrup, also shaken up with ice, but strained before serving, and I get a proper thick foam every time without issue (even with cold brew).

Zach A. 10:57 AM on 8/31/2018

Would this work with coconut cream for those who can’t do the lactose?

CityMinx 1:46 PM on 8/31/2018

Has anyone tried this with either an immersion blender or the aerator that comes with a Nespresso machine?

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Creamy Cheese 3:12 PM on 9/1/2018

@EricJM: Good call! I misread the ingredient list! I’ll definitely give it a try with evaporated milk as suggested in this recipe.

Celia_Bedelia 6:03 PM on 9/6/2018

@CityMinx Just tried it with an immersion blender, and I got amazingly thick foam! I added the coffee and water to the glass, blended it using the stick blender, then added ice and water.

Gary 49er fan 9:58 PM on 9/10/2018

How much more water would you add enough to make the coffee? to the package instructions amount? Could you use milk to froth the coffee? I know non evaporated milk gets frothy when shaken.

I finally got evaporated milk so I’m looking forward to trying the recipe soon

I just do it to taste. Only a splash if I want it strong and more if I’m feeling mellow.

AdamTheMechE 11:00 PM on 9/22/2018
recipe rating:

Loved this! I was sure the recipe had a typo… how would it foam up with only 2 Tbsp liquid? But sure enough it did! Tasted great with only milk – 2 Tbsp at the start instead of water, probably 4 oz at the end. New favorite!

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